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Why Choose BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency Singapore?

Leading Home Tuition Agency Trusted by Parents.

Are you still looking for a home tutor for your child?

Every parent regard the academic progress & results of their child as their top priority in Singapore.

Many parents have gone through the pain and hassle of engaging tuition agency after agency without getting any results. It is a challenge to find the right tuition agency that provide effective & reliable tuition in Singapore.

That’s why BrightTutor Tuition Agency prides itself in being the leading and most reliable home tuition agency in Singapore, by providing our highly qualified & experienced home tutors to our parents and students for many years.

Our specially trained tuition coordinators commit and assure to provide you with highly effective and efficient tuition-matching services. We have the capabilities and commit to fulfil all requirement of every single tuition assignment, because we have the largest pools of home tutors in Singapore for every level and subject: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, Junior College (JC) & even IB for international students.

With more than 10 years of experience in home tuition services, BrightTutor has matched over 8,000 of students and tutors successfully. We understand the worries of parents when it comes to the academic progress of their children, and hiring home tutors to help their child to better prepare for the upcoming examinations. Today, home tutors are hired because it has become a ‘need’ & not an option.

As every child has their own individualised academic needs, they will need a specialised home tutor to implement the most suitable teaching style during the home tuition.


BrightTutor is specialised in pairing your child with the tutor that solely will meet the academic needs of your child.


All the tutors you hire from our tuition agency are recommended only after verification of their education credentials. Our private tutors are specialised in all subjects such as English tuition, Math tuition, Chinese tuition, Science tuition & many more.

We have designed an effective tutor-matching system to connect your child with the most suitable tutor to meet your home tuition requirements. Our home tutors are all across Singapore. We will only recommend the home tutors in Singapore after they have been interviewed by our highly experienced private tuition coordinators. All you need to do is give us a call or complete our tutor request form in only 3 mins.

You can also get in touch with our customer service officer at any point in time if you need help or have enquiries on hiring a home tutor. We will do our best to resolve all of your tutoring problems. We extend our relationship with our clients, by ensuring the academic goals of your child has been achieved.


Hiring a home tutor has never been this easy & reliable!

We look forward to serving you!


Experienced Consultants

Our highly experienced & friendly coordinators take the time to understand all the tuition requirements of your child. Fill up our tutor request form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Fast & Efficient Recommendation

Receive tutor recommendations within 24hrs. We provide only qualified and experienced home tutor to meet the tuition needs of your child.

No Agency Fees

Expect our tutor-matching service to be 100% free. Only pay for lessons conducted. Don’t like your tutor? We will replace one for you immediately.

What People Are Saying About Us


Great improvement in grades!

I'm thankful for the tutor that Joe has introduced to us. My son was getting borderline passes for his Eng & Math. But in the recent prelim exam before PSLE, he has improved from C to a high B. Will definitely recommend it to anyone!

Parent (2018)

Really Effective Tuition!

It has been 6 months since I had engage a home tutor for my son. He is taking his PSLE end of this year. He was getting a 50-60 mark for his English & Science last year. What impressed me is that after hiring Ms Kwan recommended by BrightTutor, he is getting 75-80 in his latest SA1. To me, it is a really great jump for my son especially in just 6 months. In fact, my son had never gotten above 60 for any of his English exams. I am really thankful towards Davis, the nice chap in BrightTutor.

Parent of Li Jie (2018)

Experienced tutor recommended!

My son is extremely shy, and because of that he does not approach for help if he has problems with his primary school math questions. However, Mdm Chen Soi Yee recommended by BrightTutor, is very patient towards my son and ensures that he knows how to apply the techniques clearly. Now, my son really likes the tutor and looks forward to tuition every Sunday! Thank you BrightTutor!

Parent (2017)

Patient & helpful!

I have engaged a few tutors for my daughter from other tuition agencies and none seems to work out for her. When I approached Joseph at BrightTutor, he took the time to understand the academic situation of my daughter. Within a week, he came back to me with a tutor that my daughter was very pleased with. Really appreciate how he has been following after the first lesson to ensure that my daughter is getting the right help! Kudos to BrightTutor!

Parent (2017)

Fast Recommendation!

I was a Uni Yr 1 student from NTU. Everyone knows it is hard to find a Uni tutor in Singapore. After approaching few tuition agencies, I was still not able to find one. One of my friends recommended me to BrightTutor, and they were able to help me find one within a few days. They recommended Mrs Chan, and has helped me in coping with my tests and assignments. Really appreciate the help!

Ex-NTU Student (2013)

Experienced Coordinators!

From E to D, and finally to B, within 5 Months for my A-level H2 Math. Thank you, Joseph for arranging a MOE teacher for me within a few days. Joseph was very thorough when handling my tuition needs and responsive in following up. 

Student of ACJC (2016)

Efficient services!

As my two boys were not getting the right help from the tuition centre, a colleague recommended me to BrightTutor, and get them to help me to find tutors for primary school home tuition. Was really pleased with the service they provided, and was surprised that it is completely free. Thank you Jasmine for the help. Now my sons find chinese more interesting and showing progress in the subject.

Parent of Gabriel & Raden (2017)

Love the recommendation!

My daughter did very badly for her first Geography test in JC. It was difficult for me to arrange a JC tuition for her as her schedule are packed with activities. BrightTutor managed to help me find a really good tutor and squeeze the tuition into my girl's schedule. With the help of Mdm Wong, my daughter has improved on her answering techniques, and has progressed in her tests.

Parent of Jeanette (2017)

Responsive Coordinators!

Davis has been very prompt with his replies and manage to help me engage a tutor for my P5 son and started the first lesson in less than a week. He was very patient with my consistent changes, and most importantly, the tutor he recommended is very experienced, and my son enjoys the lessons so far. Thank you again!

Parent (2018)

Excellent Recommendation!

Thank you for recommending Shankari to me. Shankari is very experienced with kids and has a good method in teaching my boy. Thanks again. Will come back to you if the need arises or refer if anyone needs.

Parent (2018)

Secure a tutor within a day!

We only had 4 months before my daughter's PSLE exams. Jasmine from BrightTutor helped me to get an English tutor in less than a day, and started lesson the following week. I am completely satisfied with how responsive Jasmine is , and in engaging the right tutor for my daughter, as my daughter is a slow learner. She made a big improvement from C to A in Prelims, and scored 221 for PSLE. Thank you once again!

Parent of Belle Tan (2018)

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